Nevada Quilt Stuff Specializes in Hard-to-Find Fabrics & Notions

Nevada Quilt Stuff specializes in—wide backings, batiks, and blenders.  We don’t go in for the latest trends.  However, we work hard to bring you a wide variety of choices in colors and patterns that will give your quilts the variety that you desire. These are also available to you at competitive prices.

But we don't just handle fabric.  Thread, needles, tools, and books are also available.  Everything you need for your quilting studio is available from one spot.  However, you may not see it on these pages because we are exceptional when it comes to the typical on-line retailer.  We will special order for you what you need.  There are very low minimum quantity requirements so everyone can afford to special order.  If you have searched and searched for that special fabric or tool--your search is over! 

Call 775-722-1657 or email to place an order.


Wide Backing is Our Specialty!

The wide fabric comes in a range of widths from 104” wide to 115” depending on the manufacturer.  It is available in quilter’s cotton, batik, flannel, and organic cotton.  The wide-back fabric is sold only by the 1 yard and larger pieces.  Most large quilts require three yards.

You finished that beautiful top.  Now don't diminish your quilt by just putting anything on the back.  Select one of these beautiful backings to complete your gorgeous work.


Thread of Many Varieties and Colors Are Available

Good quality thread is essential to the success of your quilting experience, both for you and your machine.

We are pleased to be able to supply you with any Superior Thread product at 10% off the price listed on Superior Thread's website.  Just check out that site and email us with the type of thread and color number you would like.  We can also order other brands just contact us at  Don't forget to order your pre-wound bobbins and needles, too. Check out our Thread Page for the most popular types and discounted prices.


Wide Variety of Batiks Available

Nevada Quilt Stuff batiks are available in the standard 42”- 44” wide fabric.  We will sell this in as small as 1/2 yard pieces.

We specialize in light batiks.  Have you ever had trouble finding batiks of different value?  Here is the place to find the light ones to go with the medium and darks in your stash.  Very lights are available in many colors.  If you don't see the color on the site, we can get the one you need.  We are here to meet your needs.  Our objective is to provide you with those products that you can't find anywhere else!


Check Out Our WIDE Selection of Blenders

A variety of 42”- 45” wide cottons that work well as blenders are also available.  They can be purchased in pieces as small as 1/2 yard.  Buy a few of these in half or 1 yard pieces to fill out your stash.

We stock fabrics from many of the leading manufacturers including Hoffman, Timeless Treasures, and Benartex just to name a few.  Stock up today.  These never go out of style.


NV Quilt Stuff is Also a Martelli Retailer.

We have all of their fine products available including ergonomic rotary cutters, rulers, templates, cutting mats, and even their spectacular worktables!  The worktables can be shipped directly to you where you can start to immediately enjoy the flexibility that they will give you.

From their beautiful, functional worktables to replacement blades for their ergodynamic rotary cutters, we can provide you them all at reasonable prices.  Check them out under the Cutting section of this site.


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