Batting Available by the Yard or by the Bolt

Nevada Quilt Stuff stocks batting that can be purchased by the yard or by the bolt.  There is a 5% discount on the price per yard when you purchase a bolt.  Some of this batting is on sale.  Contact for current sale specific information.  Bolts are available in the Northwest Nevada area only.

Fairfield Bamboo/Cotton Blend Batting-45in x10yds

Hobbs Batting Heirloom Premium Black Cotton Blend 108in x30yds-DKHLBY108

Hobbs Batting Heirloom Premium Cotton Unbleached Blend-120in x30yds-HLBY120

Hobbs Batting Heirloom Premium Bleached Cotton Blend-108inx30yds-BHLBY108

Matildas Own 100% Cotton-97in x32.8yd-400M-240

Matildas Own 60% Wool 40% Polyester-97in x32.8yd-100M-240

Matildas Own 60% Wool 40%Polyester-97in x32.8yd-200M-240

Pellon Natures Touch Bamboo Blend Batting with Scrim-96in x30yd-BR-96

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